John DiGiacomo, the Procurement Specialist from Fort Walton Beach, will be handling the client base in the Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City and Destin.  For those who do not know or have not met him, he brings over 40 years' experience working with businesses to obtain federal, state and local government contracts.  His expertise is with the Federal Government and he operated a similar program up north.

If you have any questions concerning doing business with the government, how to market, what are the ten steps to being a successful government contractor and other topics, please contact John.  If you are a client who wants to expand their marketing footprint within the government, John can direct you to the Automated Bid Service that scans thousands of bid opportunities from the federal, state and local government agencies against a profile that is written just specifically for your company and business, sending you a daily list of opportunities that you may bid on.

John can help you by getting registered with the proper agencies, getting on our bid service, help you understand and write RFPs and more. The Florida PTAC has access to many databases that allow us to find out who your customers are and who you should be selling to, and the best part is, all our services are at no cost.  Just a few of the services we provide are:

  •         Help you target your company to appropriate government agencies
  •         Automated bid lead matching services; find the opportunities that you have been missing.
  •         Access to government specifications and standards
  •         Guidance with quality assurance issues
  •         Assistance with certifications; 8a, Veteran and HubZone.
  •         Identification of sub-contracting opportunities; find out what a flexible network can do for you.
  •         Bar Code and Packaging Information, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and UID (Unique Identification)
  •         Contract Administration Information
  •         System for Award Management (SAM) assistance
  • assistance, ORCA and more
  •         Review of Bid Packages

Please give John a call or text him at c(815)229-7500 or (850)317-8226; email him at  He will be keeping office hours at each of the NW Florida SBDC offices and will be happy to set up an appointment at the office most convenient to you.  Find out how your state PTAC can help!
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The place to go for bid opportunities over $25,000.  To read the manual please go here
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Start here and call your local PTAC.  BidNet's statewide system, the Florida Purchasing Group ( provides a resourceful online platform for local Florida government agencies.

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New scam using the name

A small business recently contacted their local PTAC after receiving an
email invoice from “American Procurement Technical Assistance Consultants (APTAC USA)” for $249 for “Procurement Technical Assistance”
(click to view enlarged image).

We encourage you to alert your clients and local small businesses that
this campaign is occurring now and if they receive such an invoice that
they should: 1) never pay an invoice for services they have not
contracted for, and 2) alert their PTAC immediately. 

See the GA Tech PTAC’s blog post “Warning: Don’t be duped into paying for GTPAC’s services —Our services are free of charge!

APTAC has similarly posted “Scam alert: Don’t be duped by fake invoices for
Procurement Assistance”to our website.Please let APTAC headquarters know if you hear from any one who has received this or
similar messages.  APTAC leadership has already taken steps to bring this matter to the attention of appropriate authorities. 

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