a PORTAL, it takes you to MANY places and has LOTS of information, but you are not
registering with wingov, you are registering with whatever agency your PTAC counselor suggests. 
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SBA:  Practical Guide To Doing Business With The Federal Government  

DAU Guides

Cyber Security PDF
The place to go for bid opportunities over $25,000.  To read the manual please go here
Want to do business with the State of Florida?
Start here and call your local PTAC.  BidNet's statewide system, the Florida Purchasing Group ( provides a resourceful online platform for local Florida government agencies.

FedExpert Resource Portal

The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is a government-funded program providing assistance to small businesses who want to sell their goods or services to the government, educational institutions, or tribal entities. 

Consultant Specialists are experienced in government contracting and provide a wide range of services, including individual counseling and training to enable businesses to successfully compete for government contracts, all our services are at "no cost".

The services offered by the
Procurement Technical Assistance Center include:

    Bid Matching Service
    Market Research
    Specifications & Standards
    Federal Acquisition Regulations
    Federal Defense Acquisition Regulations
    Code of Federal Regulations
    Seminars on Contracting
    One-on-One Counseling
    Bid Preparation Assistance
    Targeting Government Markets
    Daily Listings of Government Bids
    Subcontracting Opportunities
    Government Specifications
    Training Seminars and Conferences
    Procurement Resource Library
    Bid History and Contract Award Results
    Placement of Your Firm on Vendor Lists

PTAC Auto Bid Service

Scanning over 2,400 web sites daily to bring to your business all the government (Fedeal, State and Local) that your company is qualified to bid on......More here

Important Notice

There are numerous for-profit companies that may contact you to offer you services on doing business with government agencies.

Some of these companies use
misleading , marketing and
approaches that make them appear to be
official government agencies. Their
messaging often contains language such as “
if you don’t act and reply back you may miss out on government opportunities

. In some cases, they try to lead you to think that a registration is expiring or incomplete, which may impact your ability to do business with government.

Their objective is to get you to contact them so they can promote their services to you for a cost.

These services are provided by at no cost by PTACs around the country at no cost to you. You can locate you local PTAC at the link below.

More from APTAC

Dont get too excited by OTA'a...more here

This is a DRAFT Document and it's free, because of the size of the file, you can try to download a copy or email your request for a copy. 
Latest Ver.  3_15_2019

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SAM Help desk email is  now “.com”

Please note:  SAM Federal Service Desk (FSD) emails are now coming from:

Email communications from this address ARE legitimate—they are not scams or phishing attempts.  Please let your clients know.

This is the ONLY “.com” email address that legitimately comes from GSA/SAM.

Any request that involves a fee should raise immediate red flags.  They should not respond, but rather contact you immediately.APTAC has raised concerns with GSA that this new, “.com” address is very confusing to
business owners, who already struggle to differentiate between legitimate, important notices and a deluge of marketing appeals designed to look like agency alerts.


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