New scam using the name
A small business recently contacted their local PTAC after receiving an
email invoice from “American Procurement Technical Assistance Consultants (APTAC USA)” for $249 for “Procurement Technical Assistance”
(click to view enlarged image).
We encourage you to alert your clients and local small businesses that
this campaign is occurring now and if they receive such an invoice that
they should: 1) never pay an invoice for services they have not
contracted for, and 2) alert their PTAC immediately. 
See the GA Tech PTAC’s blog post “Warning: Don’t be duped into paying for GTPAC’s services —Our services are free of charge!
APTAC has similarly posted “Scam alert: Don’t be duped by fake invoices for
Procurement Assistance”to our website.Please let APTAC headquarters know if you hear from any one who has received this or
similar messages.  APTAC leadership has already taken steps to bring this matter to the attention of appropriate authorities.