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Your Cost Free (Yes, i did say, no cost) Bid Service
There are three ways to find bids:
a. Do it yourself and spend a lot of time going through multiple web sites to find an opportunity to bid on. 
b. You can get registered with a pay for bid site.
c. You can get registered with your local PTAC, who offers you a link to over 2,500 bid board sites, creates a profile of your company and then sends you bids daily to view and bid on. 
Including county bids: USABID from Florida.
All at no cost!.  It's your business decision.  Call your local PTAC TODAY. 
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Removal of boats
Please see the attached solicitation as well as the Statement of Work and Service Contract Wage Determination.
The RFQ references a site visit for next Tuesday, 10 Mar 20 @ 1:00 CDT with questions due by 4:00 EDT on 13 Mar 20 and quotes due by 4:00 EDT on 27 Mar 20. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Scott Achin, Contracting Officer    
P: 305.242.7027 (O); 305.849-1874 (C)

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SCA Wage Determination

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